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These one-of-a-kind, hand-built, earthenware vessels are created by local Nantucket environmentalist, Artivist, and Tibetan Buddhist, Elizabeth Osella Buccino. In addition to being imbued with unity.field.grids and a dose of original poetry, mantra, or medicine from Mickaela Grace, these vessels are also placed over the hearts of Graceline students while participating in GridShare meditation in pods of 12 so that resonant heart coherence is set into the clay. These bowls are the size of two human palms coming together because they represent the hemi-synching of both hemispheres of the brain, both hemispheres of the planet, both sides of perspective, all chambers of the heart, and two palms uniting (from me to you in chosen, conscious, and relational unity).


When you take your bowl home as a living field of human intent, we suggest that you put your own writing, prayers, and offerings into the bowls to continue amplifying the intentionals and to allow the intentionals to amplify you. This is harmonic symbiosis at it’s best.


These bowls were blessed by the power of strangers coming together to build intentional community. And we suggest that you continue setting quantum intentions for not only yourself, but for strangers, planet, country, community, and all forms of “other” until there is the sound of only One.


Feeding the field feeds all.  Gnow Self. Find Truth. Serve All.
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