golden moment
pool of decency


These are more than just greeting cards. They are quantum altar cards and deeply personal (and thereby universal) works of art. We happily mash up these little magical.poetic.portals for you on prayed.upon.papyrus. With photos and words sprung from the spiritual teachings, poetry, and meanderings of Mickaela Grace to the wise.cracking and design.stylings of our kickass pilot, Jill Koford to the photography (and comedy) of one Ms. Sarah Fraunfelder, our sacred little trinity offers you endless greetings in the form of mantra! And tantra! And cat memes! And planetary activism! And artful acts of forgiveness! And “all the feels” in between.


We sell cards in themed sets of 12 (yes, a very auspicious spiritual number) for completing your gifting needs to many! As well as a quantum.medicine.cycle and a unified.field.cluster.


Be well! Be merry! Gift many!

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