Buck up Buttercup, have we got the medicine for you…


We are a gaggle of Artivists (art activists) who stand for nature and work daily to promote ways to better and deeply love one another. We laugh our asses off while combing the beaches for artful offerings to write you tantric love letters in between midday naps, green tea, and spring skiing. And then the beautiful community of the Graceline Institute turns that tapestry into a better bounty with mucha medicina buena (that’s “much good medicine” for you gringos out there) by imbuing every object with GridShare medicine, mantra, and prayer led by Mickaela Grace and a happy slew of mind.blowing.meditators.

Now here’s some rando bio info that tells you absolutely nothing you need to know about us (other than teensy tidbits and trinkets about our food fetishes, devotional paths, and strange predilections on our mission to creating these delectable irish.jig.odes of joy for you.


Nomadic poet, pilgrim, writer, and Taoist photographer. Knows how to pick a lock. Longingly hermetic and clumsy with electronics. Makes a Mean Guac. Should never be entrusted to drive minivans, party plan, nor manage the whereabouts of clandestine stakeouts, passports, nor macaroons. Appreciates well-made mittens, Scottish accents, and skiing with caffeinated wolves.


Our gracious, mama-bear graphic designer. Bomber on fresh powder. Kickass pilot (who happens to look greeeat in spandex). Breeds killer aerialists. Assigns Technology as Mystical Nemesis. Motto for All Things Mountain: “Let’s Fucking Do This”.


Actor, photographer, and stylist extraordinaire with an affinity for caftans and messy hair. She loves animals, naps, bare feet and salt air, not necessarily in that order. All the Feels for our resident “Woman in the Field”. Cheeeecccckkkk her out:  WomanInField.com

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